Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Senn Dunn's New Risk Management Center

Senn Dunn has a new Risk Management Center (RMC) designed to help companies enhance their resources, improve efficiencies, and provide bottom line results.  This risk mitigation program is a secure, web-based platform that will help improve your company’s risk management, loss control and prevention, and OSHA-compliance efforts with core results.  The RMC is easy to set-up with software wizards that will walk you through the process.  As a web-based platform, it is accessible anywhere and anytime and provides a cost-effective risk management and safety center for your entire organization across all departments and locations.

The risk management center is very flexible, allowing you to import aspects of your current safety and risk management program as well as enhance and expand your safety culture to the next level.  The RMC has a variety of built-in functions to provide assistance in managing and improving your safety and risk management program.  In addition, the user-friendly and flexible platform allows you to use one or all of the applications for your organization.  The RMC system includes:

Risk Management Library – Safety resource library containing an extensive variety of training documents, sample policies, and webinars.

HR Library – Human Resource reference and resource for all 50 states.

COI Track – Manages Certificates of Insurance to help avoid liabilities.

Training Track – Conduct, organize and maintain training along with properly documenting completed training activities.

SDS Track – Compile and organize Safety Data Sheets and give employees access anywhere they can get internet access.

BBS Track – Build your own Job Hazard Analysis and behavior based safety programs, including safety observations.

Job Description – Create Job Descriptions and Return to Work Programs.

To learn more about our new RMC platform, visit it at our internet website resource page, or contact one of our Risk Control staff members:
Jessica Rasoulyan:
Dan Warnock:

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