Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Top 20 Most-Ticketed Vehicles in the US

As much as the local police department might like to argue that drivers—not vehicles—receive tickets, it doesn’t explain away the fact that some cars just tend to have more run-ins with the law. Whether that suggests speedsters gravitate towards certain vehicles, or that law enforcement has preconceived notions about some cars is up for debate.

What’s firmly grounded in fact are the makes and models of America’s most-ticketed vehicles, as determined by, based on more than 550,000 insurance quotes.

The Subaru WRX claims the dubious honor of the most-ticketed car in the US, with more than one out of every three drivers reporting a traffic citation recently. Slightly below is the Pontiac GTO, with 32.7% of drivers receiving a ticket.



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