Wednesday, July 30, 2014

10 Things the World Cup Revealed about Insurance

I don’t often write about sports because I’m not a particularly big sports fan. I run, but not nearly enough to share my thoughts on it. And I’m pretty active in mixed martial arts, but my thoughts on that tend more toward the inner aspects of my training rather than the physical.

But I do like soccer. Quite a lot, actually. I watch the English Premier League with great enthusiasm, and root for Arsenal, a team I chose because any sports club with a cannon for a logo can’t possibly be all bad. And I love the World Cup. To me, it is the pinnacle of global sport. Forget the Olympics. First off, you can’t watch the entire Olympics, whereas you can watch the entire World Cup. And even if you don’t like soccer, at least it’s a sport you have heard of. With respect to medal-winners in curling, race walking and synchronized swimming, these are sports that just don’t do a whole lot for me.



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