Monday, April 14, 2014

Quit Smart

Senn Dunn Insurance is pleased to offer the proven QuitSmart® Stop Smoking program.  Our certified instructors will provide onsite group classes (limited to 12 participants).

Tuition is just $400 for three classes and includes multiple communication and branding pieces.  Contact Bobbie Victory at or Georganne Glessner at for more information


The Program

QuitSmart® combines powerful treatments to help participants break free from cigarettes.

· Ease off nicotine

Participants learn to switch to cigarette brands that deliver less and less nicotine. 

· Consider stop-smoking medicine

Participants choose from seven medicines that assist in being comfortable.

· Take a new look at the patch

Participants discover a new way to use nicotine patches that dramatically increases chance of success.

· Use your mind to help

Participants see themselves as comfortable nonsmokers rather than as smokers     deprived of cigarettes.

· Use a self-hypnosis CD

Participants relax as they develop the respect for the body that naturally leads to    freedom from cigarettes.

· Break the smoking habit

Participants learn with six simple techniques.



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