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Week in Review-February 28, 2014

This past week marked the end of February and the completion of month 2 of 2014.  As the saying goes, it seems to go faster as I get older...seems true.  The news continues to be dominated by foreign security matters, specifically the tenuous situation in the Ukraine.  Social media and 24 hour news gives us views of the geo-political issues that we must be aware and often engaged in throughout the globe.  No position here but it is important to understand that today more than ever, what happens in far away places impacts each of us locally...as of this post, the US stock market experienced a significant decline and analysts say that the crisis in the Ukraine and Russia/US tensions are largely to blame.  It is important to be aware and do your own research as we develop opinions on these issues.

Speaking of opinions, here's a suggestion from a Shane Parrish article posted on Farnam Street's website quoting Charlie Munger:
The Work Required to Have an Opinion

Headlines of Note

Currency Manipulation: The Economic Policy Institute (a non-partisan, non-profit think tank founded in 1986 to broaden discussions about economic policy including the needs of low and middle income workers) released an interesting research discussing a potentially significant outcome if currency manipulation was ended. The "artificial discounts" that currency manipulation affords global markets has long been a point of contention in fair global trade talks. FYI, their research finds that an end to currency manipulation could create approximately 5.8 million US jobs within three years. Having lost 8 million jobs since the Great Recession, this policy could boost US recovery efforts. The full article is found below:
Economic Policy Institute Currency Manipulation Research

Manufacturing Hubs: President Obama announced two new hubs (Detroit and Chicago) as a continuation of the focus on manufacturing in the US.  As has been discussed earlier this week, the attention given to US manufacturing is positive and the hubs are a positive development...they must also be one of many solutions that need to be implemented for any significant recovery of US manufacturing jobs.  Links below include the article and also the Alliance for American Manufacturing's response as reported by the Huffington Post:
President Announces New Manufacturing Hubs
AAM Editorial at Huffington Post


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