Monday, February 10, 2014


Week in Review 
The Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 kicked off with the usual fanfare and excitement.  Our family is a big fan of the Olympics so we look forward to cheering on the USA!  By now you probably heard about the USA Team apparel being manufactured in the United States...but did you know that the yarn can be traced back to my home town of Hickory, NC?  Here is a great article including a video link to the news segment about this connection, from Hickory to Sochi:
Headlines of Note
US Economy recovery, some say sluggish may be the best we can hope for as many wonder if the new norm is here to stay:
There have been a number of positive news story expressing optimism about US Manufacturing and here is an article from USA Today specifically addressing the once mighty but still strong Textile industry's resurgence:

Just recently announced our March seminar on Employment Law Updates and Legal Trends to be held in Charlotte on March 25, 2014!  Follow the link below from more information about all of our upcoming seminars:
Have a great week! 

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