Monday, January 21, 2013

BCBSNC: Announces Launch of Pilot Program to Maximize Drug Efficacy and Safety

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) and Prime Therapeutics have launched an innovative pharmacogenomic pilot program that will run through June 28, 2013. The goal of this program is to maximize drug efficacy and safety, which can help lead to greater well-being and lower overall costs for our members.

This visionary pilot is targeting physicians with patients who have newly initiated treatment for cardiovascular disease with Effient®/Brilinta®.

How does the program work?
• Prime will identify members with new starts of therapy on a daily basis.
• Daily phone calls will be made to providers for consent to test patients on Effient®/Brilinta®.
• Members will be called after physicians have agreed to be in the pilot program.
• Members who have newly initiated treatment with Effient®/Brilinta® to treat cardiovascular will get a genetic testing kit in the mail. Members have the option of either completing or mailing the test to the testing vendor or not participating. (This is a voluntary pilot program and members do not have to participate even if they receive a kit in the mail.)
• The genetic testing vendor facilitates sample collection and completes test.
• Test results are provided to the physician and a therapy (altering the treatment or maintaining current treatment) is recommended based on the results of the genetic test.
• Participation in the program is voluntary for the member and there is no cost associated with it.

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