Monday, August 27, 2012

UHC: Discounted Hearing Aids

UnitedHealthcare members can now take advantage of hearing aid discounts, saving thousands of dollars in out–of–pocket costs. Hearing aids can cost over $3,000 each, but members pay a discounted rate of between $479 and $679 per hearing aid through hi HealthInnovations depending on the model chosen.

hi HealthInnovations uses several approaches to offer hearing aids at more affordable prices, including leveraging UnitedHealthcare Group’s scale and purchasing power. As a result, the cost savings are transferred to consumers. There is no cost to the employer or employee to access the savings on hearing aids. Plus, the discounted pricing is available even if the health care plan through UnitedHealthcare does not have hearing aid coverage. However, members may be able to further reduce their costs for hi HealthInnovations’ hearing aids, if their health care plan has a hearing aid benefit.

To learn more about the program, visit the hi HealthInnovations website at and follow the simple instructions or view the consumer brochure.

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