Thursday, March 15, 2012

UHC launches Healthy LifeCycles video series to promote health and wellness

As part of UHC's focus on empowering consumers through innovation, a series of videos called Healthy LifeCycles is available for UnitedHealthcare clients to use with their employees to help drive engagement. The 90-second videos exemplify UnitedHealthcare’s mission to help people live healthier lives by teaching them in a new and compelling way to use the information provided in each tip to manage their health and wellness.
A new video, including a health tip from an athlete on the UnitedHealthcare cycling team, will be posted each month.

The topics align with the national annual health and wellness concepts are seasonally relevant, and range from general health and wellness to exercise and fitness equipment.
  • Video 1: Smart eating, March
  • Video 2: Eating a healthy breakfast, April
  • Video 3: Exercise and arthritis, May
  • Video 4: Men’s health, June
  • Video 5: Sun safety, July
  • Video 6: Stress management, August
  • Video 7: Childhood obesity, September
  • Video 8: Breast cancer awareness, October
  • Video 9: Diabetes management, November
  • Video 10: Bike safety, December
  • Video 11: Weight management, January 2013
  • Video 12: Healthy heart tips, February 2013
Employers can post links to the videos on their intranets or include them in employee communications as appropriate.  Links to the videos will be available from UHC's websites, UHC.TV,, and in the Customer Connection newsletter each month.

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