Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Aetna groups to receive letter requesting employee counts

On February 3, Aetna mailed letters to all plan sponsors with 200 or fewer enrolled employees, requesting their total average employee (TAE) count for 2011. Aetna will use this information to place the plan sponsor in the correct pool (Large Group or Small Group) for calculation of medical loss ratios (MLRs) for the 2012 experience year.

This mailing is similar to the letter Aetna sent to customers of this size in 2011 to collect 2010 total average employee count, to support the process for the 2011 experience year. Plan sponsors will have the option to respond through an online portal (which can be accessed through aetna.com), or mail back a paper response. Aetna is requesting responses by March 31.

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