Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Webinar on data breaches and breach notification

Senn Dunn invites you to participate in an Assurex Global webinar on January 19 from 12:00 to 1:30 PM EST.

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Human Resources and Benefit Administrators need to know what a Data Breach is and what actions must be taken to avoid fines and civil actions. This seminar will explain what a Data Breach is and what actions the organization must take under HIPAA and state breach laws. Learn what data elements are included, what notifications must be made, to whom and when the notifications must be made. The most common sources for data breaches will also be presented.

Learn what HR and the IT Department can do minimize the chance of a Data Breach. Most breach laws require that written Policies and Procedures are in place so that your organization can execute the appropriate actions if a breach occurs. Common sense and somewhat more complex safeguards will be discussed that, if in place, will greatly limit your risk to Data Breaches.

Please note: times for AG webinars vary and are listed for the Eastern time zone.

Presented by:
Mark Hoaglund, Principal HIPAA Consultant, Benefit Comply, LLC
Mark Hoaglund is the principal HIPAA consultant for Benefit Comply, LLC.  Previously Mark provided HIPAA support and consulting to employers and insurance organizations though his affiliation with HIPAAanswers, and has helped more than 200 companies with their HIPAA compliance needs. Before becoming a HIPAA Compliance Specialist, Mark worked in the technology area for Fortune 500 companies including Pillsbury and Honeywell as a Senior Manager and Project Manager. He has extensive experience with Data Security and Security Management. Mark held lead positions in application development, application support, and computer operations.

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