Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BCBSNC launches new EOB format

On Monday, BCBSNC launched a redesigned Explanation of Benefits (EOB) document. The new EOB includes information required by Health Care Reform as well as additional information to help our members better understand how their claims were processed.

The redesigned EOB is available for all members of fully-insured and ASO group plans, individual plans for members under the age of 65 and the State Health Plan.

Benefits of the New Design
In addition to adding required information, BCBSNC has reorganized the information and space and reworded to make the language more clear and concise. BCBSNC also reduced the amount of paper used for printing EOBs by more than 15 percent.

Members can also now receive their EOB in Spanish. Members who prefer to receive communications in Spanish can call customer service and request their EOBs in Spanish. Once the request is entered in the membership system, all future EOBs will be in Spanish.

Member Communications and Tools
When members receive the new EOB for the first time, they will also receive an insert to introduce the new EOB. The insert explains what the EOB is and includes a list of words from the EOB defined in plain language for better understanding. There is also a quick reference code on the insert that takes members to an interactive version of the EOB where they can learn more about the different sections of the document.

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