Friday, July 22, 2011

Some UNC hospitals will only require copays for BCBSNC members

Effective August 1, 2011, services received by eligible BCBSNC members at certain independent UNC clinics will be treated as a single office visit with only one applicable copayment due at the time of service for members enrolled in a copayment product. Individual and group UW, ASO, State Health Plan, Federal Employee Program, and Inter-Plan Home members will be eligible for this upfront cost-savings at these specific UNC Hospitals clinics.

BCBSNC members with appointments on or after August 1 at any of the newly designated independent clinics will receive a letter from UNC Hospitals explaining that they can expect to pay an estimated out-of-pocket amount upfront, for clinic services, that is equal to the amount of their copayment, if applicable.

Highly specialized care and services received at UNC clinics, such as oncology/cancer care, transplant services, MRIs, CT scans, etc., will be subject to the member’s applicable deductible and coinsurance amounts.

For more information, refer to the FAQ.

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