Monday, July 18, 2011

BCBSNC releases details on 2011 flu shot program

BCBSNC announced that its flu shot program for 2011 will be administered as in past years, with the following changes:
  • BCBSNC will send an email about worksite clinics to groups of 51+
  • The email will include a link to the online Clinic Request Form
  • BCBSNC will send a follow-up email to those groups that have not yet signed up for a clinic
Like Last Year:
  • Groups with immunization/preventive care benefits that pay at 100 percent prior to meeting a deductible who meet certain criteria can work with BCBSNC to arrange a free flu shot clinic at their worksite(s).
  • Members who currently have a copayment plan and receive a flu shot either at an on-site Maxim clinic, pharmacy, Minute Clinic, or any applicable non-physician practitioner will be covered without a copay required. This is similar to the BCBSNC benefit for immunizations, where as long as a claim for a physician's visit is not filed, then the administration of the shot is available at no additional member cost.
  • Flu shots will be available from doctor’s offices, at worksite flu shot clinics, or by in-network pharmacists who are certified to provide certain immunizations, including the flu vaccine and participating in the BCBSNC network.
  • ASO groups will be responsible for paying for the cost of flu shots. Groups that participate in a Maxim worksite flu clinic can take advantage of the $25 per-shot fee that BCBSNC has negotiated with Maxim for covered BCBSNC members.
  • BCBSNC members can find information at Employer groups can find information, including tips, posters and FAQs documents, on the employer website.
  • If participating urgent care centers or convenience care centers submit member flu shot claims to BCBSNC and the member has 100 percent immunization/preventive care benefits, BCBSNC will pay for shots administered by these participating providers. Some members may pay a copayment, or deductible, depending on the location and their specific benefits.
  • Maxim requires 25 vaccinations per clinic. Groups that fall below this minimum will be charged for the shots that fall short of 25.
  • Any group that can meet the minimum requirement for vaccinations can participate, but BCBSNC is only actively promoting clinics to groups of 51+, since it is unlikely that smaller groups will meet this requirement. Groups can request flu shot clinics by using the online request form found at This form is easier for the group and will allow Maxim to provide faster turnarounds to get clinics scheduled.
  • H1N1 is now included as part of the standard flu vaccination.

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