Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BCBSNC assists members affected by tornado state of emergency

BCBSNC has extended premium payment deadlines and made it easier for members to get prescription drugs in counties affected by the recent tornado disaster.

The provisions apply to counties covered by the disaster declaration issued by Gov. Bev Perdue. Members and employers located within those counties will get an additional 30 days to pay their premiums. Members in those areas will also be able to get an early prescription refill or replace a lost or destroyed prescription, by making a request at any participating pharmacy.

In addition, as required by state statute, BCBSNC will provide a month extension for other deadlines or requirements that would fall during the first 30 days following the disaster declaration date. Those include requirements related to:
• Submission of claims
• Filing of appeals of denied claims
• Requests for authorization of medical services
• Additions of newborn and adopted children to a medical policy

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