Monday, February 14, 2011

UnitedHealthcare to offer new podcast series on health and wellness

UnitedHealthcare (UHC) has added eight new podcasts to its current podcast series. Members can listen to health and wellness information at their convenience, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each podcast has chapters so you can choose to listen to the whole presentation or just the section that is most important to you.

The new podcasts include:
• Healthy Dining In and Out: Learn about healthy eating strategies, ways to cook healthy at home and tips for making healthier choices when eating out.
• Managing Stress: Identify sources of stress, discuss solutions for dealing with stress and practice problem-solving techniques.
• Overcoming Exercise Barriers: Identify and discuss ways to overcome exercise barriers. Discuss personal challenges while making exercise a priority. Review helpful tips to increase activity.
• Move to Lose: Understand the benefits of physical activity and review common exercise myths. Understand the role of physical activity in weight loss; identify moderate intensity activities; and learn how to plan your exercise routine.
• Planning Ahead for Healthy Eating: Discuss how planning ahead helps you make healthier choices. Discuss healthy meal planning and snacks, and review how to read nutrition labels.
• Healthy Habits: Identify common triggers that lead to unhealthy behaviors and review strategies for healthier habits. Discuss ways to make home and work healthy environments for adoption of healthy habits.
• Staying Positive: Discuss motivation techniques and positive self-talk. Look at progress, set new goals and review components of success.
• On Your Way to a Healthy Weight: Understand the benefits of weight loss and determine a healthy weight range. Review portion sizes and learn everyday ways to move more. Discuss the importance of tracking and setting realistic and achievable goals.

Current podcasts include:
• Women's Health: Learn about top women’s health concerns, such as heart, breast and brain health; osteoporosis; menopause; diet and exercise; and managing stress.
• Men's Health: Learn about top men’s health concerns, such as heart, prostate and brain health; diet and exercise; and managing stress.
• Back Health: Learn how to keep your back strong, how to address the causes of back pain and what to do when back pain strikes.

Members can access the podcasts by visiting Click to access the Member Flyer and Dr. Oz Video Clip Calendar.

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