Thursday, January 27, 2011

New medications have moved to UHC’s Select Designated Pharmacy Program

As a reminder, some medications under UnitedHealthcare (UHC) recently moved to the Select Designated Pharmacy Program, effective January 1, 2011. These medications include:
• Lexapro (depression)
• Symbicort (asthma)
• Novolin/NovoLog (insulin)
• Ascensia, Breeze, Contour, FreeStyle, Glucometer Dex, Precision (test strips)

The Select Designated Pharmacy program encourages members on select high cost Tier 3 medications to make lower cost medication and pharmacy decisions. It also requires members to use mail order pharmacy or switch to a lower cost medication for continuation of in-network benefits.

Members are allowed two grace fills of their current medication at the retail pharmacy before they must select a new option. UHC has implemented the following communication plan to provide members taking a medication in the program the information they need to choose the option that makes sense for them:
• Letters – After making the first grace fill, members will receive a letter explaining the program. Members can call their doctors directly or contact UHC for more information or to make a change.
• Phone Calls – Members will also receive a phone call after their first grace fill to help explain their medication and savings options.
• At The Pharmacy – During each grace fill, UHC encourages pharmacists to educate members about lower-cost options that will allow continued use of the retail pharmacy and network benefits.

Members who take a Select Designated Pharmacy medication can choose any of the following options for network coverage:
• Move to mail and continue on current medication.
• Move to a lower tier drug and stay at the retail pharmacy.
• Do both. Move to the mail order pharmacy and move to lower tier drug.

For more information, please view the UHC Select Designated Pharmacy Program Summary.

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