Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BCBSNC implements changes to Member Health Partnerships program

Effective July 1, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) has made several changes to their Member Health Partnerships (MHP) program to better engage members with chronic conditions.

Changes will be made in the following areas:
Enrollment. BCBSNC is discontinuing paper survey enrollment. Members may now join by phone at 1-800-218-5295, then press 1, and will be able to also enroll online beginning in September.
Materials. All members invited to join the program will receive a Chronic Care Guide. While many of the educational books are no longer available, members can sign up to receive tips about weight management or tobacco cessation by e-mail or phone. There is also a text messaging feature for the pregnancy program.
Identification. BCBSNC’s outreach efforts will be focused on members at the higher risk level. Nurses will be calling members who are considered “most impactable” and inviting them to engage in health coaching and join the MHP program. Additionally, the pregnancy program will now be self-refer only.
Re-engagement. BCBSNC will continue to monitor all members’ claims and will outreach accordingly. Members who are considered “most impactable” will receive a phone call from a health coach, who will work with them regardless of whether or not they enroll in the MHP program. Members who are identified for the program but are not considered “most impactable” will receive a mailed invitation. Members who do enroll in the Member Health Partnerships program will receive an annual mailing.

Members who join MHP will continue to receive targeted information and services, which can help them manage their specific health care needs. Customized benefits, such as nutritional counseling visits and numerous discounts are also available to members. Current MHP program participants will be automatically enrolled in the updated program.

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